C. St. Quinton


I founded C. St. Quinton on the belief that the clothes we buy should have a positive impact on the world around us rather than a negative one. By partnering with different charities and creating prints that centre around their mission, the pyjama fabric can be a platform for activism and a vessel for change. On average, we spend one third of our lives sleeping, so why not spend it well? Spend it in stylish pyjamas that are supporting great causes, made with eco-conscious materials at a Fair Trade factory. 

After working on Savile Row for a Ladies' tailors, I wanted to add a touch more style to the classic pyjama shape, which is why my pyjamas have a tapered high-leg trouser and a neat mandarin collar.

My inspiration for starting a charity-partnered pyjama company was discovering that a rhino and her calf had been poached on my family's farm in South Africa. I wanted to combine my experience in the fashion and art world with my desire to combat this barbarism, and support the amazing local men and women who risk their lives to fight poaching. My collections therefore raise money towards the protection of the magnificent white rhino by donating money to, and raising awareness for rhino charities in South Africa.